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English Language Acquisition (ELA)


Program Information

The English Language Acquisition (ELA) program provides English learners with the language skills needed to:

  •  Support the academic achievement of their K-12 children
  •  Find and improve employment
  •  Succeed in college and career training programs
  •  Become United States citizens
  •  Participate more fully in their communities


ELA classes give English learners opportunities to study and practice English language communication skills, including: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and critical thinking.


Program Levels


Beginning ELA

Who should attend: Non-native speakers from any language group or nationality.

Courses offered at the beginning literacy, low beginning, and high beginning levels equip students with basic survival English skills. Upon completing the high beginning level, students can function in familiar social situations, make inquiries related to everyday activities, express opinions, write simple sentences and read familiar texts.


Intermediate ELA

Who should attend: Non-native English speakers from any language group or nationality who wish to prepare for higher level education or employment opportunities.

Courses offered at the low and high intermediate levels prepare students for higher-level education or employment opportunities. Upon completion of the high intermediate levels, students may exit the program to successfully pursue career/vocational training, transition to advance/academic ELA or enter the workforce.


Advanced ELA

Who should attend: Non-native English language speakers from any language group or nationality who wish to prepare for entrance into college-level classes.

Courses offered at the advanced level prepare students to exit the ELA program and transition to courses designed for native speakers of English. Emphasis is on developing the skills necessary to meet the student’s social, academic, and vocational demands with confidence.


*A placement test must be taken to determine a student’s appropriate learning level.