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Admissions » 4140 Procedure

4140 Procedure

Starting the process

Step 1:

Legal guardian of student contacts the High School counselor.

Step 2:

High School completes Section 1 of the Referral for Form 4140 to McKinley Community School (CSA) and designated campus site.

Step 3:

High School administrator or counselor contacts Community School at designated CSA campus to schedule counseling and testing session with student. Parents should accompany their child to counseling/testing session to determine eligibility of their child to be enrolled in program.

Step 4:

Upon completion of eligibility counseling and testing session (step 2 above), CSA administrator or designee completes Section II of the Referral for Form 4140 to CSA and return it to releasing high school. (Copy faxed and original sent to high school, copy to parent)

McKinley CSA Campuses:





(808) 594-0540

(808) 594-0544


(808) 305-5252

(808) 832-3598


(808) 837-8466

(808) 831-7926


(808) 274-3390

(808) 274-3393


(808) 873-3082

(808) 873-3046


Processing of 4140

Step 1:

High School officials meet with parent and initiate the 4140 form.   Both parent and high school administrator sign the 4140 form.

Step 2:

4140 form is sent to Complex Area Superintendent for approval. Upon approval, form is sent back to releasing high school.

Step 3:

High School contacts parent to notify that form 4140 is approved.

Original given to parent, copy kept at high school, copy of completed 4140 and referral faxed to designated CSA campus ATTN: Vice Principal

Enrolling at a CSA

Students WITH an approved 4140 may enroll in the assigned CSA.

The students start date will be first day of instruction.

Student must attend classes at their home high school until this start date.

To register, students need to bring:

  • A copy of the 4140 (signed by parent, principal, Complex Area Superintendent);
  • A picture ID; and
  • $20 cash enrollment fee.

Students WITHOUT 4140 approval will not be allowed to registered at any of our campuses.