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Lanai's First HiSET Graduating Class

Educational Testing Services' (ETS) HiSET testing program and Essential Education's HiSET Academy Online Learning Program has come to the aide of residents on the island of Lanai. Utilizing the online program and the HiSET paper and pencil testing format administered by Dave McHugh, Chief Examiner of McKinley Community School’s Lanai Campus, the first graduating class on Lanai celebrated their recent accomplishment by receiving their national high school equivalency credentials. 

The “Pineapple Island” of Lanai is the smallest publicly accessible inhabited island in the Hawaiian chain with a population of approximately 3,000 residing in the small town of Lanai City.  Many of the island’s landmarks are accessible only by dirt roads that require a four-wheel drive vehicle and there are no traffic lights, no shopping malls, and no public transportation.   

Lanai’s graduates appreciated the opportunity to demonstrate their high school-level proficiency and their readiness for higher education and the workplace by completing Essential Education's HiSET Academy as well as passing the HiSET test. They also thanked Vice Principal Kurt Ginoza for establishing HiSET on their island and also “blazing the trail” to Lanai via the early morning Lahaina ferry from Maui to Lanai’s Manele Harbor just so that they have that opportunity to take paper and pencil testing format.  

A BIG mahalo also to, Amy Riker (HiSET National Executive Director), Adam Springwater (Western Regional Manager), Ryan Sanpei (MCSA's Program Specialist) and Lance Jyo (Vice Principal Moanalua and Kauai Campus) for their contributions to this team effort to provide accessibility to such a remote area as Lanai.  Congratulations to Lanai’s HiSET Class of 2016 from the "TEAM"!