McKinley Community School for Adults

Welcome  to  McKinley  Community  School  for  Adults!    McKinley,  Moanalua,  Farrington,   Maui (Molokai & Lanai),  and  Kauai Campus.

Distance Learning

HiSET Academy

Designed specifically for adult education students, the HiSET Academy features over 200 hours of lessons in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies. Because academic backgrounds differ widely, the HiSET Academy content supports all learning styles. Students learn faster and retain more knowledge by connecting with a learning ecosystem. It’s like having a personal tutor.

After working through the pre-assessment and personalized learning plan, students take the built-in practice test evaluating depth of knowledge. A timer emulates actual test conditions, but can be turned off for ADA test takers. Randomized questions allow students to retake until they achieve proficiency. Scores are converted into a percentile graph to show student proficiency level by subject.

GED Academy

Core subject content areas of math, science, social studies, language arts, and writing are presented in engaging, relevant, and motivating learning experiences. Students draw faster connections to the information and retain more of what they learn. As students work through the recommended lessons, the GED Academy advances the student through content designed for progressively higher NRS functional levels through grade 12.

Accelerate student learning with a personalized lesson plan tailored to the student’s knowledge level. Students become familiar with how to answer interactive questions which are randomized so students can retake the test. Practice is timed just like the real GED test and using the same weighting to score results. For each missed question, the assessment prescribes a mini lesson plan.