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News and Announcements

Blossom Hoffman, MCSA Teacher performs in "Aging Is Not For Sissies - Revisited with Men & Music" - Oct. 29, 2018

Current MCSA ELA instructor Blossom Hoffman performed in "Aging Is Not For Sissies - Revisited With Men & Music" at UH - Manoa Orvis Auditorium. This touching and funny performance , based on intimate cross - cultural stories of women and men from around the world aged 60-100, challenging the myth that older adults are "over the hill with one foot in the grave." Through stories and songs, the audience meet men and women with a sense of humor and a deep passion for life.

Michele Fukumoto and Tae Eun Kim (current MCSA student and Blossom's former student) congratulate Blossom after the performance.
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HawaiiPay (Payroll Modernization) to affect ALL DOE Employees

All Department of Education Employees will be required to sign up for HawaiiPay, a payroll modernization project affecting all State of Hawaii Employees using a computer that is within the State of Hawaii network, from October 1-15, 2018. By the end of September, all employees should receive a logon ID and password for ESS. Computers at all campuses are available for employee use. The McKinley Campus has a greater number of computers and can accommodate employees from other campuses.
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